"In this world, there are words that are harder to say than dying."
- Reply 1994 (via tenshijanakutedatenshi)
"Things happen for a reason. We all had our sufferings, but I think we suffered through them to make us stronger, for the present."
- Esther Lee (Heirs)

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"When your heart doesn’t tell you the truth, the pain will tell you the answer."
- Kang Woo (Master’s Sun)

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"Even though I sometimes think, what if I had not met you, because it hurts my heart so much. But still, even if I were to go back in time, I would meet you again, and I would fall for you, and I would love you."
- Cheon Song Yi, My love From Another Star (via hsaet23)
"The world that surrounds us is gray and we can’t see our futures. But for now, we just shut up and run - to the time that’s waiting for us."
- Ji Hyuk (Shut Up Flower Boy Band)

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"Why should I be afraid of a dead person? Those who are living are scarier."
- Joo Joong Won (Master’s Sun0 (via dark-lord-of-awkwardness)
"Should I teach you how not to be hurt by other people?
Don’t give or accept anything.
Also don’t expect anything."
- Man from the stars ( Do Min Joon )  (via kdramaaaa)
"I thought about it. I thought about why it is that I like you. But I couldn’t find the answer. Just why it is that I like you… There is no reason for it. But, I think I love you because there are no reasons for it. But that’s how it should be. No rhyme or reason. If you love someone because of a reason, then once that reason disappears, then it means that the love you have for that person will change. I like you without any rhyme or reason. Just because you’re you."
- I Need Romance 3 (via crazykatiecat98)
"Because I didn’t like you at first. Why did some random girl butt into my life with her big staring eyes, asking me this and that. When I listened to your words, it felt like my life was all fake. All the things that I once believed were real, felt fake within seconds. Sometimes I think about this often. But sometimes I would ask myself, will I be able to live without you? All in all, I bet I could live without you. People will always get adapted to the new environment slowly. I lived without you for 19 years, I could get used to my normal life without you. But I might miss your presence. Because of you I was tired, fought with you and all those time when we made up. I think it became a habit now. Like as if I don’t do something that I haven’t done daily, I feel empty."
- Shin (Goong)

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"Even if another ten years pass, even if I lose my memory again, I would still find you and love you."
- Park Soo Ha (I Hear Your Voice)

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"You’re only thinking about him. You can’t stop thinking about him. It’s harder to not think about him. But at some point, you will realize that you’re thinking about him. Then you think, “Oh, I was actually thinking about something else until I thought of him.” That’s when it doesn’t hurt. That means you can have other thoughts once in a while."
- Cheon Song Yi (My Love From the Star)

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첫사랑. First love. The reason why we think first love is beautiful is not because our first loves were actually handsome or pretty. It’s because we were unconditional, innocent, or a bit stupid at the time of our first love. And also because we know that we can never go back to that young, passionate time of our days.

First love is a bit rash. without any calculation, we throw ourselves with passion and finally come to face failure but it’s at the same time dramatic. It comes with inexplicable feeling that we never get to experience again. So first love becomes the most dramatic moments of our lives. It’s okay to fail. Tragic stories stay longer than ‘happily ever after’. It’s nice to have that wonderful story as one chapter of one’s life.

- Answer Me 1997 (via jacrin)
"The difference between first and last love is the first love helps you grow and the last love completes you."
- Park Chong Jo (via lovedbycryystal)